Using the Correct Case in Linux

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  • 16-Jul-2008
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GWAVA 4 (all builds) on Linux


Case problems in Linux


Those of you who are familiar with Linux know that the operating system is case-sensitive.  This can be problematic for users who are more familiar with Windows, Mac, etc.  As far as GWAVA is concerned, there are two paths that must be in the correct case:

1)  Install path - At the beginning of the GWAVA 4 installation, you will be asked for a directory to install GWAVA.  The default is /opt/beginfinite/gwava.  Say you want to install it to your domain directory instead (let's say you domain directory is named 'Domain').  If you were to specify the following for your install directory, then a new directory would be created named 'domain' (note the case) and GWAVA will be installed there:  '/mail/domain/opt/beginfinite/gwava'.  The correct path would be:  '/mail/Domain/opt/beginfinite/gwava'.

2)  GWIA paths - When installing a GWIA scanner, you will be asked for the path to your GWIA startup file and for the path to your GWIA.  If either of these paths is incorrect or has the wrong case, then the GWIA scanner will not function.

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