Support Tool for Retain (Linux): Retain Auxiliary Tool Set (RATS)

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  • 31-Dec-2014
  • 20-Nov-2017




Often a customer is faced with a task to resolve an issue within Retain, such as checking the state of their indexes or moving Retain archives to another disk or server.  This can be daunting to some even with KB articles that provide the steps.


In response to these needs, GWAVA Technical Support is developing a Linux-based tool to help automate those tasks.  We also hope to create a tool in the future for Retain systems on Windows.  This tool is provided as a convenience for customers.  We will assist a customer in using the tool and troubleshooting issues, but if any fixes or enhancements are needed, we cannot guarantee that they would be addressed. 

This was designed and developed by some computer geeks, so its name reflects that.  We affectionately call it "RATS" (Retain Auxiliary Tool Set).  We hope you enjoy it.

It will attempt to check for new updates to the tool automatically, so your Retain server will need access to the Internet (recommended).


Copy archives to a new location.

Currently, it can only copy from one disk to another where both disks are attached or mounted to the server on which the tool is run.  In the coming weeks, it will be able to copy from one server to another.


1.  Create the download directory on the server by making a directory path of your choosing.  We recommend /software/rats.

At a server terminal prompt, type:  md /software/rats [ENTER]

2.  Download the tool.  There are three ways to accomplish this:

  • Log on to the server's GUI console, launch Firefox, and download the tool into the directory you created in step #1.
  • Download the tool onto your Windows workstation and copy it to the software directory you created in step #1 using WinSCP.
  • Log on to the server using PuTTY, use the wget command followed by the download URL and press ENTER:

wget [ENTER]

3.  Install the tool by changing to the directory to which you downloaded it, using the rpm command:

rpm -ivh beginfinite-rats.rpm[ENTER]

4.  Now you can launch the tool's console interface by typing: rats [ENTER]


Click on the feature you want to use to access its instructions. 

The developer of this tool is Tay Kratzer.

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