EA02 Error During GroupWise Archive Job

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  • 11-Feb-2015
  • 14-Dec-2017




The job error summary is showing an EA02 error on one user's mailbox.  What is causing this?


The EA02 error occurs when an application like Retain makes a call for an attachment over the SOAP protocol that GroupWise thinks exists but does not.  When GroupWise goes to retrieve it, it cannot find it.  This can be a programming issue; however, in the case of Retain, we have found each time that the actual attachment is missing.

Open the RetainWorker log and do a search on "EA02".  Scroll up until you see the message details.  You'll see the date of the item, the folder it is in, and - if you do a search for "logging in as:" and search "up", you'll see the mailbox it is in.

Now, go into that user's mailbox, find the item, and open it.  What we've seen in these cases is several email icons in the attachments window; but, when you double-click on any of those icons, it opens up a New Mail window instead of an attachment.  This means the original attachment is missing and there is some corruption in the message itself.

After confirming that the attachment is truly missing, you have several actions you can take:

  • Disable retention services on that mailbox temporarily, delete the item, purge it from trash, and then re-enable retention services; or,
  • Go into the errors.properties file and instruct Retain to ignore the EA02 errors and move on each time.

See also:  "How Retention Services and Item Store Flags Work"

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