How to Create a Retain Worker SOAP Trace for GroupWise Jobs

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  • 05-Sep-2014
  • 27-Jun-2019


Retain 3.x
Retain 4.x


  • Jobs are not archiving all items
  • Insufficient diagnostics in RetainWorker log
  • How to create a SOAP trace to see the entire communication between the Retain Worker and the GroupWise POA
  • How to avoid having to enable SOAP tracing on the POA itself (preferable to do it from the Retain side)


Linux:  Edit /opt/beginfinite/retain/RetainWorker/WEB-INF/classes/config/

Windows:  Edit C:\Program Files\Beginfinite\retain\RetainWorker/WEB-INF/classes/config/
  • Add (or edit if it already exists) the following line
    • gw.soap.debug.messages=1
  • Save changes and restart Tomcat (see TID 7019531)
  • When the job is started, there may be a SOAP trace file for every mailbox processed
  • Depending on the version of Retain in use, the SOAP trace logs will be in a temp directory off the Retain logs directory (see TID 7019349) or can be found by searching the current RetainWorker log for Created SOAP trace
    • e.g.  (Linux)
      # cat /opt/beginfinite/retain/tomcat/logs/RetainWorker.2019-06-27.log | grep 'Created SOAP trace file'

      11:10:28, 237[RTWQuartzScheduler_Archive_Worker-1] [INFO ] com.gwava.gweasysoap.handler.GWMessageHandler: Created SOAP trace /var/cache/retain-tomcat/temp/soap8078558182316209823.log
  • See also TID 7020676 - SOAP Trace Reading Basics

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