How to Create a SOAP Trace with GroupWise POAs

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  • 22-Jul-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain (all versions)
GroupWise 7 SP3 +


When "abortable" errors are shown in the RetainWorker logs and it appears that the GroupWise POA is not passing information correctly over XML (i.e., bad cursor exceptions), a SOAP trace is needed so that the information can be sent over to Novell.  The Retain worker communicates with the GroupWise POA via the SOAP protocol.


The following instructions assume proficiency with GroupWise, especially with the post office agent (POA).  This is how to set up a SOAP trace:
1.  Access the GroupWise POA's HTTP interface.

2.  Enable the SOAP trace: 
a.  Click on Configuration.

b.  Scroll down to Log Settings.  Set log level to Verbose and click on SUBMIT.  This causes the SOAP Logging Options to appear.

c.  Check these three boxes under SOAP Logging Options:
  • Show SOAP Requests
  • Show SOAP Events
  • Log SOAP Trace

d.  Click on SUBMIT.

3.  Create a temporary Retain job for the user account(s) that is having the issue and run that job.

4. Turn off the SOAP trace.
The GroupWise POA should create a series of files in its log directory named, "mmddxml.nnn".  These should be sent to GWAVA support along with the RetainWorker log that covers the timeframe when the temporary job was run.

See also, "SOAP Trace Reading Basics".

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