"500 Unauthorized service registration" during framework agent registration

  • 7017636
  • 23-May-2016
  • 14-Feb-2019


NetIQ Privileged Account Manager
NetIQ Privileged User Manager


Unable to register the framework agent to the framework manager (/opt/netiq/npum/sbin/unifi regclnt register).
Administrator can't register the framework agent because it may have "Failed to register with manager."
A collection of various problems identified when registering agent to manager.


When Error "500 Unauthorized service registration" is found in the Agent's unifid.log as a response to attempting framework registration, please check the Manager's unifid.log for more details. Additional context will be found there as to why the manager rejected or failed to successfully register the agent.

Please identify the scenario based on the circumstances found in the unifid.log of both agent and manager during the registration attempt. Below is a collection of such scenarios:

  1. TID 7023716 - Invalid user name or password, or disabled account.

  2. TID 7023717 - Password has expired.

  3. TID 7023718 - Existing registration is not complete.
    (re-registering an agent with a new name while old agent still exists in manager)