"500 Unauthorized service registration" - Password has expired

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  • 14-Feb-2019
  • 14-Feb-2019


Privileged Account Manager


Unable to register the framework agent to the framework manager.
While registering a Framework Agent (/opt/netiq/npum/sbin/unifi regclnt register), the following errors are reported in the Agent and Manager unifid log (logs/unifid.log):
  • Agent, the CLI registration attempt will prompt the following to the user:
    Your password has expired.

    New password:

  • Manager unifid.log:
    Warning, User authentication failed for register@<Agent>
    Info, auth login client:<Agent> rc:0 status:601(Password has expired) (14ms)


Follow the prompts to provide a new password.
Logging in to the Administration Console should also prompt for new password.
Consider configuration of various password requirements on the user account in the Framework User Manager Console.


Password has expired.