Error 27 in ZPM debug log - Patches not being reported by devices

  • 7011528
  • 18-Dec-2012
  • 04-Jan-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


Devices not reporting patches.
ERROR (from device zpm\debug.log - note that the Package Name will change):
2006634 Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 Service Pack 3 (KB 2006634).pls
Error Occured: 27


Confirm if novell.plk file is present on device in %ZENWORKS_HOME%\zpm directory.  If it is not present, confirm that the zpm patch-agent package install action should install that package.  If the zpm patch-agent install action is empty, see TID 7010019 for steps to fix.
Additionally, confirm that the novell.plk file is current and ZENworks agent is up to date.  novell.plk files prior to 2011 should be replaced.  Update the ZENworks version.

Additional Information

See also for other causes of Error 27.