iPrint Support for Windows 8

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  • 05-Nov-2012
  • 08-Dec-2014


Novell iPrint Client for Windows
Microsoft Windows 8


What is the minimum software requirements to print to Windows 8?

Note: Do not follow these steps for Windows 8.1.  See TID 7014111 for Windows 8.1 support.


The iPrint client version 5.86 or later supports the Windows 8 operating system.  The December 2012 novell-iprint* or later of the following RPMs must be installed to the OES Linux iPrint server to allow the configuration of iPrint printers for Windows 8. 
To determine the version of novell-iprint* software on the OES Linux iPrint server, type this command:
rpm -qa | grep iprint
If the versions required are not installed, follow the steps below.
  1. Download the necessary software:
    • The latest novell-iprint-server and novell-iprint-client updates can be found here.  Find the appropriate server version and architecture type from this page.

  2. Install the RPMs:
    • The command to install the RPMs is:
      • rpm -Uvh novell-iprint-client-<version>.rpm
      • rpm -Uvh novell-iprint-server-<version>.rpm
        • The installation order is not important.
  3. Restart the necessary services:
    • After installing the RPMs, restart the necessary services:
      • rcapache2 restart
      • rcnovell-idsd restart
      • rcnovell-ipsmd restart
  4. Install the updated iPrint plug-in to iManager to introduce the Windows 8 drop down driver page.
    • The novell-iprint-management-<...>.rpm only copies the iPrint_Linux_iMan27.npm file to the /var/opt/novell/iManager/nps/packages directory. That does not install the plugin. To install the plugin:
      1. Launch iManager -> Configure (Button along top of iManager) -> Plug-in Installation -> Available Novell Plug-in Modules
      2. Check the box for the newly added plug-in:
        • iPrint Linux Management Plug-in
      3. Click the "Install" link
      4. When install complete, click the "Close" button, restart tomcat
        • rcnovell-tomcat6 restart
      5. Launch iManager -> iPrint -> Manage Driver Store -> Drivers -> Click the drop down list under "Drivers Platform"
        • Note: Do you do not see the Windows 8 option in the Drivers Platform drop down list, see TID 7005152

If you want just the client installation files for each of the various Windows OS types, click here to find the latest version of the iPrint Client for Windows.

Additional Information

The following are known issues with this first release of the iPrint Client for Windows 8.
A. User Printers not supported.

For Windows Operating Systems other than Windows 8, Windows 2012, and Terminal Server, the ability to install user printers is controlled by the AllowUserPrinter parameter in /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/iprint.ini.  With Terminal Server, that ability is controlled within the iPrint Settings accessed from the iPrint icon in the Windows system tray icon.  For Windows 8 and Windows 2012, regardless of the AllowUserPrinter configuration, iPrint printers will always be installed as Workstation printers. 

The iPrint Client for Windows 8 currently does not support User Printers. Future support for User printers on Windows 8 is in question.

B. Version 4 drivers require latest iPrint Client for Windows
The first release of the iPrint Client for Windows 8, version 5.86, does not support version 4 drivers on Windows 8.  However, limited testing shows that the 5.92 and later versions of the iPrint Client for Windows does support it. By default, Windows 8 contain all printer drivers in v4 format. They produce the rendered job in XPS format wherein this format is rejected by the iPrint printer provider. iPrint allows RAW datatype but not XPS.  If a version 4 driver is attempted to be used with the 5.86 iPrint Client, the driver will upload to the Driver Store without issue, the iPrint Printer will appear to install fine, but sending print jobs will result in the print job never leaving the workstation.  Version 3 drivers must be used for this older iPrint Client version.  Novell recommends installing the 5.92 iPrint Client for Windows or later.
If using the older version of the iPrint Client for Windows, the version 3 driver options are:
  1. Windows 7 printer drivers are version 3 drivers.  Novell testing shows that Windows 7 drivers work well with Windows 8.  You can copy the driver from the Windows 7 directory (/var/opt/novell/iprint/resdir/driver_windows-nt-6.1_x86-64_en) to the Windows 8 directory (/var/opt/novell/iprint/resdir/driver_windows-nt-6.2_x86-64_en).  After copying the directory, ensure the permissions are correct:
    • chown -R iprint.iprint /var/opt/novell/iprint/resdir/driver_windows-nt-6.2_x86-64_en 
    • Restart the driver store for the change to take effect:
      • rcnovell-idsd restart
  2. Use a specific version 3 Windows 8 drivers of the Universal or Global Drivers type if using the older 5.86 iPrint Client for Windows.  Use links below:
C. Handling (upload or installing) unsigned drivers
Windows 8, by default, forbids the use of unsigned drivers.  If an unsigned printer driver is reported during upload or install, you can work around the problem by launching a CMD window in "Run as administrator" mode and typing the following commands:


Note 1: There are two D's in DDISABLE. That is not a typo.
Note 2: A workstation reboot is required for this command to take effect.
Note 3: HP plans to release the HP UPD version 5.6 the end of 2012 which will ensure the driver is signed.
D. Windows 8 Printer Driver Profiles do not import with XML.
This issue will affect migrations if you choose to migrate a printer from one server to another using the iPrint migration tool. It will also affect XML imports.  The problem is that Windows 8 Printer Driver profiles do not get imported with an XML import.
E. iManager Driver Store Windows 8 printer driver tab missing.
This issue is not common, but if it occurs in your environment, see TID 7005152 to workaround this issue. While this TID is directed to Windows 7, the same steps will resolve this Windows 8 tab issue.