Linux iPrint Drivers tab is missing within the iManager Driver Store page after iPrint plug-in update

  • 7005152
  • 14-Jan-2010
  • 25-Sep-2013


Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server 2 iManger iPrint Plugin
Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server 11 iManger iPrint Plugin


With the latest iPrint plug-in installed, the list of possible Windows Operating Systems is missing Windows 7, Windows 8, or both.


Resolution 1: Delete the iManager/Tomcat cache
The iPrint plug-in is updated, but tomcat is delivering cached (old) jsp pages.  Run these commands to refresh the iManager/Tomcat cache:
rm -r /var/opt/novell/tomcat5/work
rcnovell-tomcat5 restart

rm -r /var/opt/novell/tomcat6/work
rcnovell-tomcat6 restart
Resolution 2: Update RBS
If RBS in configured with an older iPrint plug-in which doesn't have the Windows 7 and/or Windows 8 support, the existing RBS configuration won't know about the new pages delivered by the newer iPrint plug-in.  The result will be that the newer pages won't be seen.

Configure RBS to accommodate the new iPrint plug-in which includes Windows 7 support:
  1. Go to iManager / Configure / Role based Services / RBS configuration /  click RBS 2 object link /  Property Book tab / Manage Driver Store / Actions / Page List.
    • Note: These steps must be done for each RBS Configuration.
  2. Move the "drivers" page from "Available" to "Assigned".
  3. Similarly, go to the Manage Printer Property Book tab and move the "drivers" and "job hold" pages to "Assigned".
  4. Restart Tomcat
  • OES2:
    • rcnovell-tomcat5 restart
  • OES11:
    • rcnovell-tomcat6 restart
  • If iManager fails to load after the Tomcat restart (503 error), restart Apache (rcapache2 restart)

    If the drivers tab is still missing at this point, then delete the tomcat work directory as shown in the Resolution 1 steps above.

Additional Information

A similar condition can exist after an iPrint plug-in update with iPrint on NetWare.  See KB 7004921 for details on that issue.