iPrint Migration Best Practices

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  • 16-Sep-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux


This document lists pre-migration tests to execute prior to perform an iPrint migration and iPrint migration troubleshooting tips.
The iPrint migration does not migrate printer objects from NetWare to Linux.  It rather duplicates the printer agent objects, printer driver profiles, banners, and print drivers to the Linux print manager.  When executing a Consolidate migration, end users continue to print to the NetWare server whether the iPrint migration succeeds or fails.  The migration makes no attempt to redirect the printers installed to workstations to the target Linux server.  The redirecting of printers occurs through either the printer agent redirection feature (see KB 3006726) or through DNS management (see KB 7005255).
To watch videos which cover similar information and includes a training/demonstration of the iPrint migration, see KB 7008684.


Pre-Migration Considerations:
Before Performing an iPrint Migration, review the following:
End users send print jobs to the NetWare server using the NDPS client?
See TIDs 7004661 and 7005129.
Migrating from NetWare Cluster to OES2 Cluster?
See KB 7005448.

Is admin lum enabled?
Check if the admin user is lum enabled after installation of the OES2SPX destination server.
Type "id admin" at a terminal.
If admin is lum enabled, uid and gid information will be returned.
If admin shows not to be lum enabled, try the following:
rcnamcd status
If it is dead
rcnamcd start
ndsconfig cache_refresh

Performing a Transfer ID Migration?
See TID 7004109
Replica recommendations
Due to the tasking nature of the iprint migration on eDirectory (creating objects and modifying attributes), eDirectory must be readily available to ipsmd and idsd. This can be accomplished by following one of the two recommendations:
  1. place a replica which contains the directory to which the new printer agents will be created hosted on the target server, or
  2. configure ipsmd and idsd to point to such a replica server (NetWare or Linux) in the DSServer1 entry of the /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipsmd.conf and /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/idsd.conf files. After updating that entry, restart the print manager (rcnovell-ipsmd restart) and driver store (rcnovell-idsd restart).
Can iprintman authenticate?
Ensure that iprintman authentication is successful.
At a terminal, type
iprntman psm -l -u admin -s <IP address>
"- u admin" should be the CN of the user that will be used to authenticate to the migration tool. For example, not admin.novell.
For <IP address>, type the IP address of the target server.
Also test the authentication using the DNS name:
iprntman psm -l -u admin -s <DNS Name>

If the destination server does not contain a replica, ensure SLP is working . To test, run
slptool findsrvs service:ndap.novell | grep -i <treename>

This should return the treename. If it does not, check the slp.conf file and ensure it is pointing to the correct SLPDA. Then type rcslpd restart

Latest code
Always update to the latest iprint server, iprintman, and iprint migration rpms before starting the migration tool.

Post-Migration Tips and Troubleshooting
Test iPrint Migration results
Before redirecting printer agents to print to the newly created Linux printer agents using printer agent redirection or DNS configuration changes, confirm the Linux iPrint environment is in working order. These tests should be sufficient:
Are the printers listed on the /ipp page, and do they install to test workstations?
Note: If you choose to redirect your printers to the new printer agent objects using DNS configuration changes, the iPrint printers installed during this test phase will get auto-reinstalled when completed the DNS changes. Other printers will not be auto-reinstalled.
Do the printers show a status of IDLE within the PsmStatus page?
Note: Some printers will show as Error Printing, but that may be normal (printer turned off, out of paper, toner, etc)
Can the Linux iPrint objects be managed via iManager?
If some objects or attributes are missing, type these commands:
cd /opt/novell/iprint/bin
iprntman psm --xml-import psmimport.xml -u admin
If these tests pass, proceed to point the clients to the new printer agents.
Common Issue:
Drivers tab missing
If the Driver Store's Drivers tab within iManager is missing, see KB 7005152.

Additional Information

Other migration issues.
wwwrun and www objects do not exist
Performing a transfer id migration with nss not configured on the target server.
Precheck error stating that the wwwrun and www objects do not exist.
Ignore the error and continue.

parser error
Simple.pm parser module error.
Un-install the simple.pm and re-install the iPrint migration RPM.

Transfer id migration hangs or fails to show progress.
The transfer id migration hangs or fails to show progress.
Check the server certificate: /etc/servercerts/certs/. View and verify the correctness of the certificates. If they are incorrect, regenerate the certificate files.
Run the repair phase of the migration again.

nds object not found
Performing a same context migration of the printers and the replicas are remote.
The printer(s) migrated, but context is not visible.
Go to iManager -> Manager Print Manager -> Printer Agents. Selecting the printers tab returns "nds object not found" error.
Wait until all the replicas synchronize. This may take few minutes.

The NetWare printer agents have location and/or description.
The printers migrated to Linux don't show the location and description information within iManager.
See TID 7004029

Transfer id didn't migrate printers
Executing a transfer id migration.
No errors are reported, but none of the printers migrated to the Linux print manager.
Run the following command at a terminal:
iprintman psm --xml-import /opt/novell/iprintn/bin/psmimport.xml -u <admin>
<admin> must be replaced by the admin user to the tree, not with context or dots.
Transfer id didn't migrate printers
ACLs (Access Control List) exist on the NetWare printer objects. 
The ACLs don't show on the newly created Linux printer objects.
Run the following command at a terminal:
iprintman psm --xml-import /opt/novell/iprintn/bin/psmimport.xml -u <admin>
<admin> must be replaced by the admin user to the tree, not with context or dots.
Note: To report iPrint Migration problems which are not documented in this TID, email patchfeedback@novell.com with the subject of "iPrint Migration Symptom". Include the following with the email:
  • zip of migration project NewProjx from /var/opt/novell/migration.
  • psminfo.xml from /tmp directory and the psmimport.xml from /opt/novell/iprint/bin
  • print logs from /var/opt/novell/log/iprint
  • iprint and migration RPM information:
    • rpm -qa | grep iprint > /tmp/iprintRPMinfo.txt
    • rpm -qa | grep migration > /tmp/migrationRPMinfo.txt
    • attach the two .txt files.
  • Information of the eDirectory tree structure and the scenario of migration