Migrating an iPrint Cluster from NetWare to OES2

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  • 05-Mar-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Cluster Services 1.8.3
Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 iManger iPrint Plugin
Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 Print Manager
Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2 Driver Store


This document lists steps to migrate a NetWare iPrint Cluster resource to a Linux iPrint Cluster resource on OES2 SP2 and later.   Because iPrint on NetWare and iPrint on Linux are different, migrating the cluster resource from NetWare to Linux is not an option.  The iPrint environment on NetWare must be recreated to the Linux server.  The OES Linux Migration tool (miggui) automates the duplication of the NetWare iPrint configuration to the Linux server.  This document includes steps to:

  • migrate the iPrint configuration from NetWare to Linux, and
  • cause the iPrint printers installed to workstations to auto point to the new Linux iPrint cluster resource without requiring the workstations to re-install printers.


For example purposes, the following names and IP address are listed throughout these steps:

NetWare iPrint Cluster Resource DNS Name = myprintmanager.company.com
NetWare iPrint Cluster Resource IP Address =
Linux iPrint Cluster volume name = LXIPRINT
Linux iPrint Cluster Resource IP Address =

For example, the NetWare iPrint cluster load script contains /dnsname=myprintmanager.company.com, which is associated to IP address
DNS resolves myprintmanager.company.com to
The new NSS volume (LXIPRINT) cluster resource is mounted to an OES2 server.
The IP address of the LXIPRINT cluster resource is
LXIPRINT will be the target to receive the migrated iPrint data.
If the clients are printing to the NetWare cluster with the NDPS client, see KB 7004661 prior to continuing with the steps below.

1. Prepare the Linux Cluster nodes for iPrint

While LXIPRINT is loaded on the node, type:

cd /opt/novell/iprint/bin
./iprint_nss_relocate -a <admin dn> -p <password> -n <NSS path> [-l cluster]
For example (DO NOT INCLUDE an end "/" after the volume in this syntax):
/opt/novell/iprint/bin/iprint_nss_relocate -a cn=admin,o=novell -p password -n /media/nss/LXIPRINT -l cluster

After the script completes, load the cluster resource to the next node and execute the iprint_nss_relocate script on the next node. Repeate the execution of the script for each node in the cluster.

2. Configure iPrint to the Linux NSS resource
Create the Driver Store and Print Manager objects using iManager.
  • When creating the Driver Store, enter the Linux iPrint Cluster Resource IP Address as the "Target Server*". For the "eDir Server Name", choose an eDirectory server which holds a copy of the partition which the Printer Agents will be created to.
  • When creating the Print Manager, enter the Linux iPrint Cluster Resource IP Address as the "iPrint Service*". Choose the same value for the "eDir Server Name" as was used for the Driver Store. Uncheck the "Start print manager after creation" option.
3. Configure iPrint to load when onlining the cluster resource
iPrint Load script
. /opt/novell/ncs/lib/ncsfuncs
exit_on_error nss /poolact=IPRINTPOOL
exit_on_error ncpcon mount LXIPRINT=253
exit_on_error add_secondary_ipaddress
exit_on_error ncpcon bind --ncpservername=CLUSTER-LXIPRINT-SERVER --ipaddress=
ignore_error mv /media/nss/LXIPRINT/var/opt/novell/iprint/iprintgw.lpr /media/nss/LXIPRINT/var/opt/novell/iprint/iprintgw.lpr.bak
exit_on_error rcnovell-idsd start
exit_on_error rcnovell-ipsmd start
exit 0
Replace the values listed below with the information appropriate to your cluster configuration:
  • 253 = Volume ID
  • IPRINTPOOL = Pool name.
  • CLUSTER-LXIPRINT-SERVER = Cluster resource's virtual server name.
  • LXIPRINT = Volume name.
  • = Resource IP address 
iPrint Unload Script
. /opt/novell/ncs/lib/ncsfuncs
ignore_error rcnovell-ipsmd stop
ignore_error rcnovell-idsd stop
ignore_error ncpcon unbind --ncpservername=CLUSTER-LXIPRINT-SERVER --ipaddress=
ignore_error del_secondary_ipaddress
ignore_error nss /pooldeact=IPRINTPOOL
exit 0
4. Pre-migration tests:
Migrate the resource from node to node. While on each node, check the following:
rcnovell-ipsmd status
rcnovell-idsd status
Test iprntman's ability to authenticate the admin user (or whatever user will be supplied with miggui).
iprntman psm -l -u admin
5. Execute the iPrint Consolidate migration
Execute miggui from the OES2 Linux server. Choose the Consolidate option.
6. Test the Migration Results
Note: Whether the iPrint migration succeeds or fails, end users are still printing to the NetWare iPrint configuration.
Are the printers listed on the /ipp page, and do they install to test workstations?
Do the printers show a status of IDLE within the PsmStatus page?
Note: Some printers will show as Error Printing, but that may be normal (printer turned off, out of paper, toner, etc)

Can the Linux iPrint objects be managed via iManager?

If some objects or attributes are missing, type these commands:
cd /opt/novell/iprint/bin
iprntman psm --xml-import psmimport.xml -u admin

If these tests pass, plan for the next step.

7. Transition end user printing from NetWare to Linux
Novell recommends this work to be done after hours as end user printing will be interrupted during this step.
Offline the NetWare iPrint cluster resource
Update each Linux node's /etc/hosts file to resolve myprintmanager.company.com to the Linux iPrint cluster IP address. myprintmanager.company.com myprintmanager
Update DNS to resolve myprintmanager.company.com to
Keep in mind that the propagating of this DNS change may take time, depending on your network. However, because the /etc/hosts files were updated, you can proceed to the next step without waiting.
Configure iPrint on the Linux cluster resource to use the production DNS name.
Change the /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipmsd.conf 's PSMHostAddress IP address value to myprintmanager.company.com

iprint.ini configuration:
Check the old sys:\apache2\htdocs\ippdocs\iprint.ini configuration file in order to make any required adjustments within the new iprint.ini on Linux: /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/iprint.ini

Restart iPrint services
rcnovell-idsd restart
rcnovell-ipsmd restart

Note: Any iPrint printers previously installed from the Linux /ipp page during the testing phase will be auto-reinstalled as result of the PSMHostAddress change made above. iPrint printers which were pointing to the NetWare server will not be re-installed.

8. Test iPrint

9. Remove all NetWare servers from being able to mount the new iPrint cluster resource.

Additional Information

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