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New Product Support Lifecycle policy effective 15-Nov-2016: Learn more and see FAQ

This chart lists Attachmate product versions and their corresponding Product Support Lifecycle phase; it is sorted alphabetically. To reverse the sort order, click the Product column title.

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Product Current Mature Retired Discontinued

Advanced ISCA PCI SDLC AdapterH

Part number 145091

IRMA 3270 PCI Coax Adapter (Rev B)H

Part number 124258


Part number 147446


H Attachmate no longer sells or supports hardware adapters, or provides driver downloads. For sales and service on hardware adapters, please contact Alpine Computer Systems (, 800.456.2128)

Note the following:

For Attachmate product phase definitions, view the Lifecycle Phase Definitions.
Attachmate reserves the right to revise the product support policy or reclassify any product, at any time, without notice.
Attachmate may classify bundled products or integrated subcomponents into different phases. For example, a component may be Mature, even though it continues to ship with other Attachmate products still in the Current phase.
Products or product versions not listed in the lifecycle have been discontinued.
Product support is provided for the documented supported platforms only. Unless otherwise noted, our support for a third-party platform ends when that platform's vendor officially ends support for the platform. Our ability to resolve issues related to Windows platforms is limited after Microsoft's "Extended Support End Date" (such as 8-Apr-2014 for Windows XP, and 14-Jul-2015 for Windows Server 2003).
While the Product Support Lifecycle describes product version support status, it does not affect your licensing rights to deploy and use older versions or predecessor products as described in Authorized Alternatives.


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