Frequently Asked Questions for Attachmate Products

Q: Why has the Product Support Lifecycle changed?
A: In November 2014, Micro Focus completed its merger with The Attachmate Group. Effective 15-Nov-2016, a merged Product Support Lifecycle policy was applied to the heritage Attachmate products. There have also been additional related plan changes effective 1-Mar-2018. The integrated support plans and policies make it easier to do business with us by simplifying our various program offerings and business processes.

Q: What are the lifecycle changes?
A: As a general guide, refer to the following comparative table:

Old StatusNew StatusOld DurationNew Duration
Current (or Mainstream)CommittedUntil subsequent releaseAt least 1-3 years depending on product category
Mature or RetiredExtendedUntil reclassificationIndefinite
DiscontinuedEnd of SupportIndefiniteNot applicable (Extended indefinite)
Similar to the previous program, interactive technical support is available for product versions that have a Committed or Extended status, with a current support plan required. See also the Product Support Lifecycle policy.

Q: What happened to the Extended Support Program (or Lifeline Support)?
A: This program has been rebranded Extended Support Plus. Defect support and critical security update benefits are available for an additional fee. Eligible product versions are indicated with "Yes" in the "Extended Plus Available" column of the Product Support Lifecycle.

Q: What happened to the "Basic Maintenance and Support Plan" (or Standard Care)?
A: The base support plan, upon renewal, is changed to Business Support.

Q: What happened to the "Elite Maintenance and Support Plan" which includes a Technical Account Manager (TAM)?
A: This level of service has transitioned to Premium Support offerings.

Q: What happened to the "Elite 24x7 Add-On" (or Total Care)?
A: 24x7x365 for Severity 1 is included in Business Support. See also Plan Comparisons.