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Read/write after SSL object in error state (CVE-2017-3737) (7022626)
1-Jun-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

Security Updates 2017 and earlier - Reflection Desktop, 2014, or 2011 (7021518)
1-Apr-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

Attachmate Security Updates for US-CERT Vulnerability #845620: RSA Public Exponent 3 (7021933)
1-Apr-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

HLLAPI trace log message: WinHllapi version negotiation failed. (7023496)
9-Nov-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

Reflection “Error initializing VBA components” when loading the Reflection Workspace. (7022849)
5-Nov-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

How to monitor typing in the terminal and notify users using the statusbar (7023488)
31-Oct-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

How to use EXTRA! X-treme File Transfer Lists and Schemes in Reflection Desktop 16 (7022963)
30-Oct-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

Menu item or toolbar button to launch the “Context Menu” Editor is missing (7022972)
30-Oct-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

How to display a non-modal message window while a lengthy macro runs (7023470)
24-Oct-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

Supported Legacy Reflection, Extra!, and KEA! Files in Reflection Desktop (7021411)
23-Oct-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

Configuring VBA Events for Host Screen Text in Reflection for IBM (7021510)
23-Oct-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

Best practices for Administrators when deploying Reflection Desktop host session files (7023390)
23-Oct-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

“A custom version of the current built-in file already exists.” message appears when saving keyboard map (7023451)
23-Oct-2018 Support KB Article (TID)

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