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GWPNS to only accept connections using TLS1.2 or above (7024762)
30-Jul-2020 Support KB Article (TID)

Messenger parts will not start after applying the patch 1 for 18.2 version. (7024341)
13-Dec-2019 Support KB Article (TID)

A contact added to a Contact List in a Messenger policy via gwadmin console defaults to userID. (7024323)
6-Dec-2019 Support KB Article (TID)

How to differentiate the origin of Messenger users. (7024750)
30-Jul-2020 Support KB Article (TID)

Error communicating with resource ( Connection refused (Connection refused) (7024629)
15-May-2020 Support KB Article (TID)

During an upgrade of GroupWise Messenger, the error AF19 is presented (7024538)
6-Apr-2020 Support KB Article (TID)

Messenger File Transfer fails when disabling client download via browser (7024530)
3-Apr-2020 Support KB Article (TID)

Unable to import exported contact list in Messenger 18.x (7024515)
30-Mar-2020 Support KB Article (TID)

SLES support entitlement with OWS products (7023123)
13-Mar-2020 Support KB Article (TID)

After a Messenger 3.0.3 to Messenger 18.1.1 or 18.2 migration you get an error when doing File, Search in the Messenger 18 client (7024233)
11-Mar-2020 Support KB Article (TID)

GroupWise Messenger Memory Leak / Slow performance (7023954)
20-Jun-2019 Support KB Article (TID)

How to be notified about new Micro Focus/Novell/SUSE patches as they are released (7007454)
30-May-2019 Support KB Article (TID)

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