Postgresql unavailable because of bogus data in lock file

  • KM02170739
  • 04-Mar-2016
  • 11-Aug-2016


Troubleshooting steps


There is a FATAL message in the postgresql serverlog file.

Location of the postgresql serverlog file:
For version 6.0: /opt/arcsight/logger/data/pgsql/serverlog*
For version 6.5+: /opt/arcsight/logger/userdata/logs/pgsql/serverlog*

FATAL message: 2015-09-09 10:46:25.051 AST FATAL: bogus data in lock file "/opt/arcsight/current/runtime/.s.PGSQL.XXXX.lock":

/opt/arcsight/current/runtime/.s.PGSQL.1976.lock there is a FATAL message: 2015-09-09 10:46:25.051 AST FATAL: bogus data in lock file "/opt/arcsight/current/runtime/.s.PGSQL.1976.lock


The bogus data in the lock file is preventing the postgresql service to become available.


1)  Stop all ESM services:
     /etc/init.d/arcsight_services stop

2) Confirm that there are no ESM services running:
    /etc/init.d/arcsight_services status

3) Navigate to the bogus data at /opt/arcsight/current/runtime/

4) Remove the file (s.PGSQL.XXXX.lock) seen in the error. In this scenario it is .s.PGSQL.1976.lock.

5) Initiate a start on the postgresql service ONLY:
/opt/arcsight/logger/current/arcsight/service/postgresql start

6) Verify that the postgresql service launched succesfully:
/opt/arcsight/logger/current/arcsight/service/postgresql status

7) Then start also the other processes:
/sbin/service arcsight_services start mysqld
/sbin/service arcsight_services start aps
/sbin/service arcsight_services start logger_servers              (OR logger_https OR logger_web services - depends on the version of ESM)
/sbin/service arcsight_services start manager
/sbin/service arcsight_services start arcsight_web

If services still do not start, please open a ticket with ArcSight Support, run the script in Document KM02203065 - What logs and data to gather when experiencing a performance issues on ArcSight Manager CORR-E and upload the logs to the FTP.

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