Windows NT 4.0 with software spanned/mirrorred/RAID volumes

  • 7920493
  • 07-Feb-2006
  • 27-Apr-2012


PlateSpin Migrate
PowerConvert and Portability Suite 5.0 and higher


When attempting to convert a Windows NT 4.0 source machine that is using software spanned/mirrorred/RAID volumes, the conversion job fails during the file transfer step.



Although PlateSpin Migrate does contain support for Windows 2000/2003 Dynamic Disks, Windows NT 4.0 uses a different mechanism for spanned, mirrorred and RAID volumes which is not supported by the PlateSpin Take Control Image. 

For additional information regarding PlateSpin Migrate and Dynamic Disk Support, please see TID 7920333 for further details.