GroupWise Messenger error: The client is unable to connect to the server.

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  • 02-Aug-2021
  • 02-Aug-2021


GroupWise Messenger 18


Messenger users are unable to log in, receiving a pop-up error: The client is unable to connect to the server. Verify that the remote address and port are defined correctly.

While checking the Messenger Agent log, found the Error: GroupWise Maintenance has expired; terminating...

Confirmed that the Messenger Agent is not listening on port 8300.

Followed the GroupWise Messenger Messaging Agent won't load TID.

Ran through the script to pull down a new license, but after doing so, still seeing the error:
Cached license state is INVALID
Cached license expired!


Locate the GroupWise admin service certificate. The default location will vary by platform:
Linux:       /opt/novell/groupwise/certificates
Windows: c:\Program Data\Micro Focus\GroupWise\gwadmin\certificates\<GUID>

Check the certificate to make sure it has not expired and that the (SubjectAlternateName (SAN) IP or SAN DNS) address matches the IP Address that the primary domain database is running on.

If necessary, re-generate that certificate using the following command:

 gwadminutil ca -g -d /gwsystem/provo1 -f

This will generate a new CA certificate and private key for the primary domain. and overwrite the existing CA  certificate unless you rename it first. The default name is admin.<domain-name>.crt.