GroupWise Messenger Messaging Agent won't load

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  • 06-Nov-2019
  • 06-Nov-2019


GroupWise Messenger 18
GroupWise Messenger 18.1
GroupWise Messenger 18.2


When trying to load the messaging agent with systemctl start gwm-nmma.service getting this error in the logs:

Error: GroupWise Maintenance has expired; terminating...


1. Check GroupWise admin console under System > Licensing to make sure the license is valid and not expired.

2. If the license is expired or not valid, please contact to get your license renewed.

3. If you license is valid then the license that Messenger has cached is missing or corrupt. To verify, on the GroupWise Messenger server, change to the /opt/novell/messenger/bin directory and run the following command:

./chkconn -r <messenger IP> -z <db port> -u <dbuserid> -p <dbpassword> -s <service name> -l <allows (self signed) connections>

An example would be:

./chkconn -r -z 8320 -u root -p novell -s MessengerService -l

Note: 8320 is the default db port and MessengerService is the default service name. Unless you specified differently in the install those are the correct values.

If this command fails it will look like this:

Connecting to database...Done
Getting Connection Record...Done
Initializing GroupWise connection...Done
Getting Messenger objects from GroupWise...Fail
Error connecting to the GW Admin Rest Service!

4. If the ./chkconn script fails please go to the /opt/novell/messenger directory and run ./ script. That will go out and pull the GroupWise license and store it.


For whatever reason the cached/stored GroupWise license has become corrupt or is missing. The configure script will go out and get the license and store it.