The directory /var/lib/datasync/mobility/requests on a GMS server is occupied by many files.

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  • 09-Jul-2021
  • 09-Jul-2021


GroupWise Mobility Service 18
GroupWise 18


You have noticed that a GMS server start to be short on an available disk space. After investigation, you found many files in the /var/lib/datasync/mobility/requests which do not get deleted and stay there forever. A sum of those files can occupy few GBs of a disk space already. Just removing them would not help as in few hours it can be populated again with many temporary files.


This is a problem caused by newer Android devices. If you compose new mail and start typing a text, the device after very short time keeps saving this mail as a draft and syncs it to a GMS. If such a draft mail has attachments, those get temporarily saved into the /var/lib/datasync/mobility/requests in its native binary format and can cause over a time a shortage of a disk space.
Typically, those attachment files get deleted when a mail is finished and you send it from the device. You will see them shortly in the /var/lib/datasync/groupwise/requests directory in a converted SOAP format. Those get next deleted once the mail was passed by GMS to a GW backend.
You can stop GMS and safely delete those obsolete temporary file in the requests directories.
To workaround the current problem, you can disable syncing drafts till we have a solution for this new device behavior.
Go to /etc/datasync/configengine/engines/default/pipelines/pipeline1/connectors/mobility/ directory and make a backup copy of the original connector.xml file.
Open it with a text editor and add new line/statement in the <Custom> section:



Save it and restart GMS service.


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