Preventing the Email Loop

  • 7025047
  • 12-Mar-2021
  • 12-Mar-2021


Service Desk 8.2


System configured for automatically replying to emails to another system that has automatic replies, may incur an email loop, even after resolving the Request.

Important: Manage Templates closely so the system doesn't potentially discard legitimate emails that also contain those configured words/phrases in the subject line.


"Out of Office" Templates allows the User to customize multiple "Out of Office" options for the system to identify in incoming email Subject lines, so it knows to ignore the email.
"Out of Office" Templates

The system will ignore emails with this content inthe Subject line of emails.

Manage these templates closely, there are concerns with the system potentially discarding legitimate emails that also contain those phrases in the subject line.

Additional Information

Email Logging .
Other Logging information can be found at TID 7024034  System Logging & Customization