ZSD System Logging & Customization

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  • 10-Mar-2021
  • 12-Mar-2021


Service Desk v7.x
Service Desk v8.x


ZENworks Service Desk logging default is too small.
There is a need to review logging over a longer period of time.

The logging.properties file controls this:
Increase the size of the system logging file for more information in one file.
Increase the number of archive files for reviewing longer periods of logging.


There are different types of ZSD logging:
-Email Logging
-System LiveTime Logging

Email Logging
Email Logging will display the emails going to/from the system for ticket processing.
The logging is found @ [Setup] > Setup > Email > Log (Tab) and can be sorted with the filter

System Logging
System Logging will display the system logging and will display the most recent logged lines.
The logging is found @ [Setup] > Reports  > Log  and Exported with the Export button which zips up the:
Current LiveTime.log
Archived Logs
Properties files that provides system information
If sending System logs to support please use the Export button and send the zip file.

Customize the default settings for system logging.

Navigate to
Modify logging.properties

Archive File Size- Default 1024KB

Number of Archive files-Default 2

Example to change the Archive File size, do so in increments of 1024KB (2048KB, 4096KB, etc.)

Example to change the number of Archive files to 8

Save the file and restart services
systemctl  restart  servicedesk.service

Additional Information

   Pay attention to disk space when increasing logging file sizes.
   Take a backup/snapshot of the files, system and database before any customization is done.
   Record what customization was done in the Corporate ZSD Documentation.
   This logging.properties file will reset to default after Side-by-Side upgrade is performed.
    Referenced Documentation in Additional Information.

Referenced in the ZSD Customization Cookbook - TID 7025033