Customizing the Customer EUP Top Menu Bar

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  • 11-Mar-2021
  • 13-Jul-2021


Service Desk 8.2


Customizing the Customer End User Portal Top Menu Bar
Bar options will change depending on Licensing.  Displayed is the ITIL licensed menu bar...
Also a User must have the Process enabled for the Process to show up in the EUP.


These various settings will modify the Customer EUP page presentation.
Log into the ZSD System as an Admin to make these changes.

To Test the changes Log into the Customer Portal in another Browser Tab.
After each saved change do a Hard Refresh the Browser (Ctrl+F5).

DEFAULT TAB: Set the Default Customer EUP page:

[Setup] > Setup > Privileges > Customer (Tab) | Customers | Default Tab (Drop  Down)

Save the changes

Population of the Drop Down depends on if the REQUESTS or STORE values are enabled.
This reflects the Default Home (in White)

STORE: Enable/Disable the "STORE" Selection in the Customer EUP

[Setup] > Setup > Privileges > System (Tab) | Store Settings | Store Customer Enable = Yes/No

Save the changes

REQUESTS: Control If Customers Can Place REQUESTS in the Customer EUP (Service Requests/Incidents)

[Setup] > Setup > Privileges > Customer (Tab) | Customers | Incidents (Drop-Down)
[Setup] > Setup > Privileges > Customer (Tab) | Customers | Service Requests (Drop-Down)


Save the changes

Scenario: Not using ZSD for ticketing yet, but want a Customer "Store" so the customer can select ZCM Bundles for Self- Deployment.
Solution: Configure ZSD ZENworks Integration and have some workflows to automate deployment of enterprise or non-licensed ZCM bundles. 
Make the Store the Default Customer EUP page and disable the other selections except for the Store.

SERVICES: Enable/Disable "SERVICES" Selection from the Customer EUP

[Setup] > Setup > Privileges > Customer (Tab) | Customers | Show Services = Yes/No

This will make the Services enabled/disabled on the Customer EUP.
There are other settings for using the "Services" functionality, refer to the documentation.

Save the changes

ITEMS: Control what Customers can do with the ITEMS if presented in the Customer EUP (multiple settings)

[Setup] > Setup > Privileges > Customer (Tab) | Customers | Items (Drop-Down)


Save the changes

SELF HELP: Disable the "SELF HELP" Selection from the Customer EUP

[Setup] > Setup > Customize > Customer Portal (Tab) > CSS (Tab)
Go to the bottom of the page and paste the following code:

    /*For Disabling the Self-Help Link from Menu bar*/
    #zsd_selfhelp {
    display: none !important;

Save the changes

Additional Information

   Take a backup/snapshot of the files, system and database before any customization is done.
   Record what customization was done in the Corporate ZSD Documentation.
   Some File modifications may not carry forward for the subsequent upgrade.
   Referenced Documentation in Additional Information.

Referenced in the ZSD Customization Cookbook - TID 7025033