GW Web stops few seconds after it was loaded.

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  • 12-Jan-2021
  • 12-Jan-2021


GroupWise 18.3


You have successfully run web-config and now you try to load web_docker part. After this is loaded you will notice that specified ports are not active and command:

docker ps -a

shows that gwweb has been stopped or restarted each few seconds.
If you enabled logs option, then logs show complains like:

2021/01/11 10:47:23 [emerg] 6#6: invalid number of arguments in "upstream" directive in /etc/nginx/gw/web.conf:1


A cause of this problem is in your GW system where you have created domains and/or POs with spaces in the names.
You shall avoid using reserved chars in GW object names. Now, you cannot rename domain or PO, nor you can "move" PO under other, new domain with proper syntax name.

As the docker log says, the cause in in the web.conf file. That is typically located in /opt/novell/gw/logs unless you specified differently. You can edit this file by gedit, for instance, and it will be showing something like:

upstream POA.Dom A.PO1.POA {

upstream default {

map $http_x_poa_address $pool {
    MTQ3LjIuNzcuMjI3OjcxOTE= "POA.Dom A.PO1.POA";
    ZGVmYXVsdA== "default";

upstream dva {

Change string "Dom A" into "Dom_A" in all places, save the fie and restart GW Web.
A trick is to replace space char in a domain / PO names into "_", underscore char.