iOS NetIQ Auth App crashes if installed through MDM

  • 7024968
  • 18-Dec-2020
  • 28-Jan-2021


NetIQ Auth app 3.1.11 or 3.1.12 for iOS deployed via MDM
Advanced Authentication mobile app
iOS 14.2


NetIQ Auth app crashes when loaded.

Phone app dies;  won't load on Apple phone

Problem occurs if the app was installed through an MDM (Mobile Device Management) system 

Problem does not occur if the app was installed from the App Store.


To address this problem, either update to iOS 14.4, or update the NetIQ Auth app to version 3.1.13.  

Apple and Micro Focus both addressed the problem independently of each other.  It can be addressed by updating either iOS 14.4, or NetIQ Auth 3.1.13.


The problem was introduced by iOS 14.2.  

Additional Information

For details about another crash introduced by iOS 14.2 see KB 7024925.