Smartphone authenticator crashes or list of enrolled authenticators is empty

  • 7024925
  • 13-Nov-2020
  • 15-Jan-2021


Advanced Authentication 6.3
Smartphone method
NetIQ Auth application on iOS devices
iOS 14.2 and NetIQ Auth prior to 3.1.11
iOS 14.2 and 14.3 and NetIQ Auth v 3.1.12


NetIQ Auth application crashes on start. 
The NetIQ Auth app shows an empty list of enrolled authenticators


If the NetIQ Auth application crashes,  reinstall the app and reenroll the authenticators.
If the the NetIQ Auth app shows the empty list of enrolled authenticators, reenroll the authenticators.
The combination that does not crash seems to be  iOS 14.2 and NetIQ Auth v 3.1.11.

Note:  The NetIQ Auth app for iOS v 3.1.11 will prevent this problem from occurring on new updates, but will not restore data that has already been deleted.

Additional Information

The sensitive data in the NetIQ Auth app for iOS versions 3.1.9-3.1.10 is stored in the Apple Keystore as recommended by Apple. After the iOS update to 14.2 many users faced one of these two issues. This happens because the Keystore data was wiped (for some reason) during the iOS update. 

NetIQ Auth 3.1.11 addressed the problem introduced with iOS 14.2, but a very similar issue was introduced with iOS 14.2 and NetIQ Auth 3.1.12.

With the Apple 14.2 update the Chinese Government placed new restriction on Apps published in the China iOS App Store. One of the libraries used in the AA Mobile App is now restricted. A decision was made to fix the iOS 14.2 AA App ‘crash’ issue and publish the new 3.1.11 version of the AA Mobile app with this restricted library. This meant that we had to remove publication from the China iOS App Store. (thus resulting in it disappearing from that App Store.) We finished replace/rewrite the portion of code using the restricted code, so it should be published to the China iOS App Store as version 3.1.12.

For another crash issue introduced by iOS 14.2 see KB 7024968