Location of the Reflection Desktop for NonStop Macro language documentation

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  • 03-Sep-2020
  • 27-Oct-2020


Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On version 16.0 or higher


This technical article describes where to find the Reflection Desktop for NonStop Macro language documentation, for information on the methods and properties supported.


Reflection Desktop for NonStop (6530 host sessions) supports standard VB script macros, with additions to support interaction with the 6530 screen area.

To access this Help through the UI:

    1. Open a 6530 host session.

    2. Select the Session tab. 

    3. In the Ribbon, under the “Help” label, select the down arrow. This is located between the word "Macros" and the "SF13 F13" buttons, as shown below:

    4. Click on the “6530 Help” button in the drop-down which appears: