Classic GroupWise 18 Webaccess users randomly get 9505 errors and cannot login

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  • 06-May-2020
  • 06-May-2020


GroupWise 18


Randomly classic GroupWise Webaccess users get the error in the browser when trying to login to Webaccess :

[9505] Your post office is unavailable.  The post office Agent might not be configured for SOAP.  Please contact your system administrator.


If the information in The "Additional Information" section of this tid does not help, then what has helped some customers get relief from this issue is to modify the /var/opt/novell/groupwise/webaccess/webacc.cfg file :

  if this file does not have this setting without any remark character : "#", then place this in the webacc.cfg and restart
grpwise-tomcat :


This disables auto refresh in GroupWise Webaccess and causes about 1/2 the user connections to be used than is normally used, which has benefited users with this issue.  It also causes a "check for new messages" circular arrow button, to the left of the Delete button.  When you click on this "Check for new messages" but it is essentially a manual refresh button that can normally cause new messages to come into the Webaccess mailbox or deleted messages to go away.

Additional Information

 - It has helped some customers to update to the newest GW18 Webaccess as possible, to date, that is GW18.2.1.

- It has helped some customers to use SSL on the SOAP poa setting in the GroupWise Web Admin console,
along with updating the setting in the webacc.cfg to use SSL also.  Refer to TID:

Be aware this type of change going from non-ssl to ssl for poa soap can affect GroupWise Mobility devices.

- Some customers have found that by restarting Tomcat ( gw18 = grpwise-tomcat )
the issue goes away.  But can later return.  It may be helpful to use a cron job to periodically restart "grpwise-tomcat", preferrably after hours.

NOTE:  Be aware that GroupWise development, currently is not making "fixes" or looking into issues for classic GroupWise Webaccess, other than for critical security fixes, or with very critical escalations.  But in general, we advise customers to look into switching to the new GroupWise WEB solution , which is a complete rewrite of GroupWise Webaccess from the ground up in the Angular Web programming language, which is more scaleble.

Development has in the recent past decided to put development resources into GroupWise WEB , rather than the classic GroupWise Webaccess.