Unable to login to WebAccess - [9505] Your post office is unavailable.

  • 7015859
  • 05-Nov-2014
  • 20-Jul-2017


Novell GroupWise


There can be several causes for this issue. If any combination of the below situations apply, please follow the steps in the Resolution.

Can't login to WebAccess, can't access mailbox using WebAccess, but can with the GroupWise Client.
Unable to access mail using the web portal WebAccess.
During WebAccess login, some users receive the following error: [9505] Your post office is unavailable.  The post office Agent might not be configured for SOAP.  Please contact your system administrator.
A few users belonging to the same Post Office are unable to login to WebAccess; however, some users (from the same PO) are able to login fine.
WebAccess is installed on a separate server.


There can be a few possible scenarios that can cause this error. Please use the steps below to help troubleshoot and identify a potential cause.

  1. Please verify the WebAccess' SOAP Provider is configured to a valid Post Office Agent (POA). For more details on how to configure this, please refer to the following documentation:
    GroupWise Administration Guide, Configuring the WebAccess Application with Multiple POAs for Fault Tolerance.
    Note: The steps provided above detail how to configure multiple SOAP Providers; however, only one is necessary. Please verify the SOAP Provider is configured to a valid POA address.

  2. Can WebAccess communicate to the SOAP Provider (POA) on the configured port?
    • From a terminal window on the WebAccess server:
      telnet <Provider.SOAP.1.ip> <Provider.SOAP.1.port>
      Note: Replace with the appropriate POA IP address followed by a space and the SOAP port. This information can be found in the webacc.cfg (see Step 1).
    • If the connection is refused, then WebAccess is unable to communicate via SOAP with the POA. Proceed with the troubleshooting steps below to verify proper configuration of the POA.

  3. Verify proper configuration of the GroupWise POA:
  4. If the POA is configured and listening properly on the defined SOAP port and WebAccess has been configured correctly as defined in the above steps, please attempt to verify the communication once more (see Step 2). If unable to telnet to the POA address from the WebAccess server, it is possible there is network configuration that needs to take place to allow such traffic (firewall).
      5.  If you are not using SSL for the soap port of the POA that the webacc.cfg is pointing to and you are experiencing  this issue , try to use SSL on the soap port for the POA , this has helped another customer to have the 9505 error no longer occur.


WebAccess unable to contact the user's Post Office via SOAP or WebAccess' configuration (webacc.cfg) of SOAP Provider(s) are incorrect or invalid.

Additional Information

Be aware that getting a 9505 error on attempting to login to Webaccess has been fixed in at least GroupWise 2014 R2 FTF build 126711 or newer, and will also be a part of the upcoming GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2 public release (build 126868).