Move a GroupWise Messenger System to a New Server

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Note: Moving a GroupWise Messenger system to a new server can be done but it isn't recommended.  If you must move your system then the following information is offered as an outline of a process.  It is strongly encouraged that you set up a test system and perform the steps to confirm they will work for you before you move a production system. 

Additional Note:  The old server name will still show up in various locations in the Admin Console.  For example the Messaging Agent and the Archive Agent names will still reflect the original server name.  This seems to be cosmetic and doesn't affect the running system.


1.      Terms:

a.      OM = Old Machine

b.      NM = New machine


2.      OM Info

a.      Get the exact name of both the System and Server objects from the old Messenger system.

                                                              i.      Use GW Admin to view the Messenger tab, then note the name of the system (default is MessengerService)

                                                             ii.      In the Messenger pages, click on Servers and note the name of the server (default is hostnameServer)

b.      Note the running version of the old Messenger System.

c.       Make sure you know the DB root user’s password and what port it runs on


3.      GroupWise Admin and temporary system

a.      The new system will need a GW system to connect to temporarily. 

b.      Note the address, port, administrator, and pw of a GW system to connect to

c.       I use a separate GW system; not the one the OM currently connects to.

d.      Note that syncing to the OM’s GW system will connect it to the NM’s clean system; that is why I would sync to a discardable temporary GW

e.      If you do connect to the OM’s GW system, GW Admin will be unable to administer the old system.

f.    Enable LDAP on the new MTA object. Also Enable synchronization under Messenger Synchronization. You will need to restart the Admins Service Agent once this step is complete


4.      NM Prep

a.      Make sure that the NM is up and running, with the correct IP address(es) and hostname(s)

b.      Make sure that the server certificate and key are on the NM.  This includes the NPNS certificates if used.  Check the OM configuration under Messenger, Messenger Service, Messaging Agent and Agent Settings.  Under Messaging Preferences you will see the information for NPNS including paths the the current certificates.  Copy the certs from the OM to the NM preserving the paths

c.       Using the exact same software build of Messenger that is running on the OM, install a clean Messenger system on the NM:

                                                              i.      Select Y to configure the system

                                                             ii.      Select Option 1 – Create or Update a system

                                                           iii.      On the Messenger System configuration page:

1.      Enter the name of the old Messenger System

2.      Enter the name of the old Messenger Server

                                                           iv.      Enter the address of the new machine

                                                             v.      Enter whether to bind to that address

                                                           vi.      Enter Y to configure with your own certificates:

1.      Enter path to certificate

2.      Enter path to key

3.      Enter pw if required

4.      Accept default location to copy certs into (/opt/novell/messenger/certs)

                                                         vii.      Database

1.      Enter the same password you used on the OM database

There may be a prompt for database certificate, answer appropriately 

2.      Enter the NM’s address to run at

3.      Enter the db port (should match the OM)

                                                       viii.      Enter the MARS port

                                                           ix.      GroupWise configuration

1.      Enter the information to connect to GroupWise Admin

2.      Use the system from step 3. Above

                                                             x.      Choose a runas user to run as

1.      If it doesn’t exist, it will ask if you want to create it

                                                           xi.      Choose whether to send telemetry

                                                         xii.      Review settings and continue


5.      Copy of data

a.      Shutdown NM processes:

                                                              i.      As root:

                                                             ii.      Shutdown the NM messenger agents: “systemctl stop gwm-*”

                                                           iii.      Shutdown the NM database: “systemctl stop arangodb3.service”

b.      Shutdown OM processes:

                                                              i.      As root:

                                                             ii.      Shutdown the OM messenger agents: “systemctl stop gwm-*”

                                                           iii.      Shutdown the OM database: “systemctl stop arangodb3.service”

c.       Rename NM database

                                                              i.      As root:

                                                             ii.      “cd /var/lib”

                                                           iii.      “mv arangodb3 arangodb3ORG”

d.      Copy database

                                                              i.      Copy database from OM to NM

                                                             ii.      /var/lib/arangodb3 on OM -> /var/lib/arangodb3 on NM

                                                           iii.      I used scp

                                                           iv.      Change ownership as required

                                                             v.      “chown -R arangodb:arangodb arangodb3”

e.      Launch database on NM:

                                                              i.      systemctl start arangodb3.service

                                                             ii.      Verify that db is running:

1.      systemctl status arangodb3.service

2.      hit db with a browser @ should bring up UI – Login with user root and db password


6.      Re-configure NM

a.      Switch to the /opt/novell/messenger directory on the NM and run ./

b.      Select Option 1 – Create or update a system

c.       Enter database root user’s password

d.      If using a self-signed cert, enter Y, otherwise N

e.      Enter the NM’s address (same as entered before)

f.        Enter the database port (same as before)

g.      At the Messenger System Configuration page:

                                                              i.      Enter the old system’s system name

                                                             ii.      Then scroll up until you can see the server name: it should match the old server name

h.      Enter the address of the NM!! (DO NOT use the OM’s address)

i.        Enter whether to bind to that address

j.        If prompted to keep existing SSL settings, choose Y

k.       If not, enter Y to configure with own certificates

                                                              i.      Enter path to existing cert (should be in /opt/novell/messenger/certs)

                                                             ii.      Enter path to existing key (should be in /opt/novell/messenger/certs)

                                                           iii.      Enter pw of key if required

                                                           iv.      Use /opt/novell/messenger/certs (the default)

  l.    Enter the Host Name or IP address the server will use.  The default is the current server name. 

m.        Enter port for MARS (default = 8315)

n.    GroupWise system

                                                              i.      Enter address of the original GW system admin service

                                                             ii.      Enter the port of the original GW system admin service

                                                           iii.      Enter the admin name and PW of the original system admin service

o.      Runas user is same as configured for the clean system

p.      Choose whether to disable telemetry

q.      Review configuration and continue

r.      DO NOT reset database root-user credentials!

s.       Do NOT reset the database for a new system!


7.      Verify NM

a.      Check status of agents: “systemctl status gwm-*”

b.      Switch to /opt/novell/messenger/bin and run chkconn:

                                                              i.      ./chkconn -r -u root -p <dbpassword> -z 8320 -s <MessengerService name> -l

                                                             ii.      Look for connection errors and re-configure if required

c.       In GW Admin you should be able to connect to the new system and see policy and user settings

d.      Use GW Admin to make sure that IP address, hostnames, and paths are correct for the NM!

                                                              i.      Check System General

                                                             ii.      Check Server object

                                                           iii.      Check MA and AA objects

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