DSfW Domain Users cannot be found or added to an AD group since upgrade to OES2018 SP1

  • 7024421
  • 10-Feb-2020
  • 23-Sep-2020


Domain Services for Windows (DSfW)
Open Enterprise Server 2018 (OES 2018) Linux


Creating a local group in native Active Directory domain and populating it with users from a trusted Domain Services for Windows domain will prompt for Administrator credentials which will then be rejected with The user name or password is incorrect; e.g. 


  • This is fixed in OES2018 SP2
  • Workaround 1
    • Use the following method to add the DSfW users to the AD Group
    • From the Members page of the Group
      • Select Add -> Advanced -> browse to the DSfW Location -> Find Now

  • Workaround 2
    • This is scheduled to be the default in OES2018 SP2
    • iManager -> Roles & Tasks -> Rights -> Modify Trustees -> [Browse to DSfW Partition Object]
      • [Public] Assigned Rights -> Add Property
        • Show all properties in schema = Checked
        • Add msDS-PhoneticDisplayName
        • OK
      • Compare=Checked
      • Read=Checked
      • Inherit=Checked
      • Done
    • After the changes have synchronised, the scenario described in the Situation, above, should work

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