“Error initializing VBA components” when loading the Workspace or a Host session

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  • 31-Jan-2020
  • 19-Mar-2020


Reflection Desktop (including Pro, for X, for IBM, or for UNIX and OpenVMS) 16.0 and higher
InfoConnect Desktop for Unisys 16.0 and higher


When attempting to load the Reflection (or InfoConnect) Workspace or a Host session, a dialog can display the following error:

“Error initializing VBA components.  One of the VBA components is missing or corrupt.  VBA needs to be reinstalled.”


To resolve the issue of “Error initializing VBA components.” do one of the following:

1. Run a Windows Repair on the VBA components (Core and Language)


2. Totally remove VBA (Core and Language) and reinstall VBA (Core and Language)


3. Update to Reflection or InfoConnect Desktop 16.2 Update 3 (version or higher, available from the Downloads site.
    With this version of Reflection Desktop, the VBA macro engine will now load from the default installation location, even if the Windows registry entries pointing to its location are missing or invalid.

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