How to gather Thread and Heap Dumps on the ZENworks Service Desk Appliance

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  • 06-Jan-2020
  • 27-Feb-2020


Service Desk 7.5 Appliance
Service Desk 8.x Appliance


  • servicedesk service is crashing or hanging
  • Need to gather thread or heap dumps for troubleshooting


  1. Start the SSH service on the appliance as described in the System Services documentation
  2. Connect to the server with ssh or PuTTY
  3. Run this command: top -b -n 1 > /tmp/top.txt
  4. Run this command: cat /opt/novell/servicedesk/server/conf/
  5. NOTE: This will display the process ID or pid that you will use in the next commands. Replace <pid> in the following commands with the number that is output here.
  6. Run this command: /usr/lib64/jvm/default/bin/jcmd <pid> GC.heap_dump /tmp/hdump.hprof
  7. Run this command: /usr/lib64/jvm/default/bin/jcmd <pid> Thread.print > /tmp/tdump.txt
  8. Gather and send the following to Micro Focus Customer Support:

Additional Information

For Step 6, please ensure there is at least as much disk space free in /tmp as there is memory configured for the servicedesk service. The default is 2 GB. To check how much free disk space there is, run the command: df -h