ZSD ZENworks Integration failing to connect after Database Migration

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  • 22-Nov-2019
  • 12-Mar-2021


Service Desk w/ZENworks Integration
ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Database


ZSD ZENworks Import configured to the ZCM 2017 Internal Sybase Database.
ZCM 2017 internal Sybase database is migrated to internal PostgreSQL.
Modifying the ZSD ZENworks Import db parameters doesn't seem to work.


Before Re-configuring the ZENworks Integration to the new database:
Back up the ZSD system and ZSD database.
Set Reconciliation Enabled on Hardware Category
      User > Configuration > Categories > Hardware (or mobile Devices)
Select a field that would be unique in the Label column like "Serial Number" (commonly used)
Check the box as a Unique Value
Then on the Categories > Hardware area populate the Reconcile Based On drop down to that Unique field (Serial Number).

Manually reconfigure the new ZENworks Database Integration settings.
Setup > ZENworks > ZENworks Import | select the Server
   Type: PostgreSQL
   Port: 54327
   Name: (same name - all lowercase)    -   Example if used zenworks_ZENZONE, change to zenworks_zenzone
   Password: (new db password by executing a zman dgc)

Do not delete and re-add the Import Server or Item duplicates can occur!
If you reconfigure by deleting the ZENworks database by the following options below,
duplicate Items will be created UNLESS the Item Reconciliation enabled for that Item (Hardware or Mobile Devices).

Configure ZSD ZENworks Import server to connect to the new PostgreSQL database
Delete the ZENworks Import Server
    ZSD > Setup > ZENworks > General
Authtenticate to the ZENworks Server Settings > Save
No ZENworks Import has the updated information to connect to the PostgreSQL database.

Delete the ZENworks Import Server
Select "Getting Started" wizard and start the ZENworks Integration.


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