How to move to a GMS 18.1 (or newer) server

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  • 02-Nov-2019
  • 02-Nov-2019


GroupWise Mobility Service 18


This is for customer who are wanting to upgrade to a newer GMS service from 18.0, 14.x or 12.x to GMS 18.1 or newer
Or those wanting to move GMS to a new server 
Or wanting to upgrade the OS on the current GMS server(s)


1: Create the new server

2: Install GMS

Note: Be sure to use on a different IP address than the old GMS server.

3: Connect new GMS server to current GW System

4: Add users to new GMS server

5: Let GMS do initial sync with users
6: Shut down old GMS server once users are synced

7: Configure DNS name and IP address of new server to be that of the old server.
Follow this TID  to change your Hostname properly.
This needs to match your old GMS server exactly, otherwise the users will need to be re-initialized again.

8. Restart services

9: The new working GMS server should now be up and running and no users should have to re-initialize their devices
There should be virtually no down time in customer experience on their mobile devices. Everything should pull up and be ready to go without needing to re-initialize their devices.