How to reconfigure Mobility server's hostname for proper encryption/decryption

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  • 06-Oct-2014
  • 09-Oct-2014


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service
Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


GroupWise Mobility Service not working, can't start, unable to load, not syncing.
GMS Services fail to load after Server host name change.
Server's hostname was recently changed or reconfigured.
How to reconfigure Mobility server's hostname for proper encryption/decryption


When the server's hostname has been changed, GroupWise Mobility Service may quit functioning properly. GMS relies on the hostname in order to properly decrypt important codes configured when first installed. It may be necessary to change the server's hostname, thus the following steps can be used to appropriately reconfigure GMS to use the server's newly configured hostname:

  1. See TID 7015282  - How to install dsapp on a Mobility server.
    Note: Once dsapp is installed, proceed with the steps below.

  2. From a terminal window, enter one of the following commands:
    • dsapp -ch
    • dsapp --changeHost

  3. Please enter the hostname that was used when GMS was working properly.
    Note: Hostnames that have previously been used are displayed in chronological order (ASC).

  4. Enter y for Reconfigure Mobility password encryption using [oldHostname] to decrypt?
    Note: The old hostname is used to decrypt the old passwords and everything is then re-encrypted according to the server's currently configured hostname (hostname -f).

  5. Restart Mobility services:
    rcgms restart


Server's hostname has been changed, altered, reconfigured. GMS unable to function properly as it is can't decode or decrypt important password information.