Filr 3 to 4 upgrade fails with: Failed to setup and migrate to PostgreSQL database

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  • 31-Oct-2019
  • 31-Oct-2019


Micro Focus Filr 4.x


An upgrade of a small (All-in-One) Filr deployment from version 3.x to 4.x results in the following error:
Filr Configuration Wizard
Upgrade Appliance
Failed to setup and migrate to PostgreSQL database

Additional Symptom:
The initial :9443 page after login shows only one Configuration tile under the Filr Appliance Tools section. With a successful upgrade, that page should show two Configuration tiles; the second being a blue cylinder with the drawing of an elephant's head.


  • Power off the new (failed) Filr 4 VM.
  • Power on the Filr 3.x server.
  • Ensure the Filr 3.x server is functional.
    • If it is not functional, do not proceed with the following steps.
  • Delete the failed Filr 4 configuration from VMware.
  • Delete the copy of the /vastorage disk
  • Ensure the filr user exists within the MySQL database
    • Log into MySQL as the root database user:
      • mysql -uroot -p<root's password>
    • Verify the filr user exists in the MySQL database with this command:
    • select user,host from mysql.user;
      • A two column table will show with a user column and a host column. Verify a user of filr and host of localhost show in that table.
    • Verify you know the filr password:
      • Exit the root login to MySQL
        • exit
      • Login with the filr user:
        • mysql -ufilr -p<filr's password>
      • If the login is successful, proceed with the steps below.
      • If you cannot figure out the filr user password, reset it using these commands:
        • CREATE USER 'filr'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '<some password>';
        • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'filr'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;
  • Configure Filr to connect to the MySQL database with the filr user.
    • Go to the Filr 3 :9443 tool, choose the Database option in the left pane and change the User Name: to filr
    • Provide the password you confirmed works or use the reset password.
  • Re-attempt the upgrade to Filr 4, including:
    • These steps are provided here as a convenience.  However, it is recommended to consult the steps in the documentation:
      • Run again the pre-upgrade script:
        • cd /opt/novell/filr_upgrade/
        • sh
      • Power off the Filr 3 server
      • Make a copy of the /vastorage disk
      • Deploy the Filr 4 OVF
      • Add the existing disk (the /vastorage disk from the Filr 3 server)
      • Create a new disk (for the /var disk)
      • Adjust the memory as needed.
      • Power on the Filr 4 server
      • Continue with the upgrade configuration (as prompted).  
      • Remember to install the Filr 4 license and to re-index everything within the :8443 tool.


The Filr 3 configuration is fine with using root to connect to the MySQL database.  However, the conversion of the database from MySQL (Filr 3) to PostgreSQL (Filr 4) is not fine with that configuration.  The conversion process requires the filr user to be configured to connect to the database.

Additional Information

Some of this information is similar to what is found in TID 7016687.