Unable to upgrade a small Filr deployment to filr 1.2.0

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  • 15-Jul-2015
  • 21-Jul-2015


Novell Filr 1.1 Appliance
Novell Filr 1.2 Appliance


A Filr 1.0.1 Small Deployment was successfully upgraded to 1.1.0, and the available Hot Patches and FTFs.
A Filr 1.1.0 Small Deployment was running and patched successfully.
MySQL was setup to use the local database with a user  root as database user in stead of filr.
Upgrading the Filr appliance towards Filr 1.2.0 fails at the point where it is attempting to verify or upgrade the MySQL database.


The Filr 1.2.0 appliance upgrade mechanisms for a Small Deployment expects, and uses, a filr database user in order to perform the required database checks and updates.
Once a filr database user does not exists, or is unable to login to mysql on the localhost, this particular section of the upgrade fails.

These are the steps to correct the MySQL database user setup, in order to allow the upgrade to succeed:

1) When there is a possibility to rev-back to, or when still running Filr 1.1.0 :
- ssh into the Filr appliance

- Log into MySQL as the root database user :
    ~#: mysql -uroot -p<root's password>

- verify if the 'filr'@'localhost' database user exists :
    mysql> select user,host from mysql.user;

- if the filr database user exists, reset the password :
    mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'filr'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('<some password>');

- if the filr database user does not (or does no longer exist), (re-)create the filr database user :
    mysql> CREATE USER 'filr'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '<some password>';
    mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'filr'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;

- Login to mysql using the filr database user and verify this succeeds :
    mysql> exit
    ~#: mysql -ufilr -p<some password>
    mysql> exit

- Reconfigure the appliance, so it uses the filr database user for the local MySQL instance as described in the documentation.

2) When not being able to rev-back to the previous appliance system :
        Please do contact the Customer Care Center near you. so they can assist you in this matter.


The upgrade mechanisms of the Filr 1.2.0 appliance in a Small Deployment looks for and uses the filr database user.
When this user does not exist, or does not have rights to login to MySQL on the localhost, the upgrade mechanisms fail.

Additional Information

In an ideal situation this is verified and rectified before attempting the upgrade towards Filr 1.2.0.
In this case the steps would be the same as when the appliance is back-revved to the previously used Filr 1.1.0 appliance.

In the procedure please replace the <root's password> with the password of the root database user and the <some password> for the filr database user with a password of your choice.