iOS 13 issues and other fixes

  • 7024112
  • 12-Sep-2019
  • 25-Jun-2020


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 4


  1. iOS 13 has new requirements for server certificate expiration.
  2. iPad may fail to enroll due to identifying as wrong type.
  3. ZCC ability to display Enroll device button in EUP page for iPad 13.x devices. as well as other issues seen on ZENworks.  


This is fixed in version 2020 - see KB 7024113 "ZENworks Configuration Management 2020 - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at

For ZENworks versions 17.4 and 17.4.1:  An official FTF (Field Test File) has been published at the following locations:

17.4 version:

17.4.1 version:

Additional Information

For more information see

It is necessary to remint the server certificate only for the shorter lifetime.  Only the MDM primary requires this.

Note:  if the MDM server certificate is reminted for appropriate expiration, an already enrolled iOS 13 device needs to be re-enrolled after remint.

Additional bugs on 17.4.1 fixed with this patch:

Bug 1148790 - iOS 13 issues
Bug 1098875 - slow Adding device to large groups. The larger the group the longer the delay in adding a device to it
Bug 1128412 - ZCC slow when loading large Device groups for non SA users
Bug 1134896 - Enhanced ZCC performance logging to be included for capturing slow ZCC pages
Bug 1099941 - Problems with administrators logging into ZCC after changes in AD
Bug 1114006 - Full Name of AD based administrator does not get updated after change in AD
Bug 1123551 - ZCC admin missing rights to manage groups or devices moved to different folder by another user
Bug 1106290 - ZCC Workstation removal from ws group not Audited
Bug 1116976 - High DB activity and ZENloader overhead due to Asset Inventory SW Compliance refresh queries in Oracle DB
Bug 1099566 - ZCC Helper MSI should support Per Device and Per User Installs
Bug 1137892 - Windows 10 1903 is not recognized in ZENworks as 1903, instead windows10-xxxx-pro-gen-x64
Bug 1138559 - System Requirements "Operating System-Windows" dropdown does not have "Win 10 1903" version
Bug 1152832 - DoConnectionRoundRobin causes ZCC to use incorrect LDAP Servers
Bug 1156066 - Network environment created with DNS Resolution using "Any IP address" fails to load in Oracle
Bug 1156229 - modify folder is automatically added when device rights create/delete is set
Bug 1152733 - Administrator random loss of Frequently used shortcuts prior to 5 day expiration
Bug 1153034 - To display Enroll device button in EUP page for iPad 13.x devices
Bug 1161410 - To address missing Group Memberships and Bundle Assignments page exception which was introduced as part of iOS 13.x Support FTF
Bug 1134389 - Compliance Engine starts running everyday for multiple instances at same time and might be causing intermittent blocking
Bug 1128205 - WinPE restore Imaging Significantly Slower than Linux Based Imaging
Bug 1164408 - NoSuchMethodError GroupMemberSnapshot.remove_Objects using ZCM_17.4.1_Patch_Cumulative_FTF