Errors for bundles missing zcontentfilenames Cached Item Error

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  • 03-May-2019
  • 03-May-2019


ZENworks Configuration Management
ZENworks Patch Management


ERROR (in zmd-messages.log):

[(Thread=75) Cannot cache package Failure 1: 0 - meta data error]
Action handler Distribute Action finished processing  with error: ActionMan.CachedItemError.
[ActionMan.CachedItemError] [There is an error in cached information for id Discover Applicable Updates Windows-x86_64-en-WIN10sp0 The content is not yet available to download.] [] [1234f1d1477f439d338081d05a05a5e1]

ERROR (in services-messages.log on primary server):

[getContentInfoEx: Error building content paths for 1234f1d1477f439d338081d05a05a5e1, belonging to '"patch-agent-windows-x64"'.]
[java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
at com.novell.zenworks.webservice.contentservice.ContentWebServiceImpl.getContentInfoEx(


In the logs example above, the patch-agent bundle has the problem.  To fix this see KB 7010019.

In the case where the bundle is a patch remediation bundle, find the patch in ZCC / Patch Management / Patches and select Action Update Cache.


In rare cases, patch DAU, patch agent, patch remediation or even non patch bundles may be created such that import content fails to make an entry in zcontentfilenames.

Additional Information

Query to find the problem bundles:

select displayname, CreationDate from zbundle where zuid in (select ContainingObjectUID from zLinkedObject where ContentUID in (
(select zuid from zcontent where zuid not in ( select id from zcontentfilenames ) and aliasedcontentuid is null) union (select aliasedcontentuid from zcontent where aliasedcontentuid not in ( select id from zcontentfilenames ) and aliasedcontentuid is not null) 
)) order by CreationDate;