Upgrading an All-in-One (Small) Deployment Fails when upgrading the MySQL database to PostgreSQL

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  • 17-Apr-2019
  • 29-May-2019


Filr 3.4.3 Upgrade to Filr 4.0


The PostgreSQL icon does not show.  Note: the following icon should be present.

Also, the /var/opt/novell/va/logs/update.log will show the following:

com.novell.admin.filr.datamodel.services.impl.ConfigServiceImpl - Error creating database,Error code org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "root"

In this example, the MySQL user is "root".


There are 3 different approaches you can take with to get around this problem:

Approach 1:
If have not started the upgrade, change the MySQL user to "filr" using the steps listed here.

Approach 2:
If you have already started the upgrade, revert back to the 3.4.3 setup and follow these steps to change the user to "filr".  Note: the listed steps are for an older version of Filr, but they still apply to Filr 3.4.3.

Approach 3:
  1. Apply the 4.0.1 patch using the Online Update option.
  2. Go to 9443 page. Log in as vaadmin or root.
    • In the address bar change the link to https://<hostname/ip of filr>:9443/phpPgAdmin/
    • Click Servers > PostgreSQL > Login as username - postgres and password - "old mysql user password used for filr database"
    • Click Roles. Delete the newly created user (user used for old filr-mysql database)
    • Click "alter" of user "postgres". Change the password to "postgres". Enter the password 2 times and click "alter".
  3. Go to Filr 9443 port, click Configuration. Click finish.


MySQL database user was set as root instead of the recommend filr user.

Additional Information

The upgrade document states:

"Filr Database User Name Changed:  If the earlier Filr database was configured with an user name other than ‘filr’, the upgrade fails. Ensure to reconfigure the earlier Filr appliance with Filr database user name as ‘filr’ before performing upgrade."