Mobility Service error: Cannot connect to GroupWise administration to veify license.

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  • 06-Nov-2018
  • 06-Nov-2018


GroupWise 18
GroupWise Mobility Service 18


You have moved your existing GroupWise system on a new server and existing GMS complains about it and that there are few days till administration gets locked.
You install new GMS or upgrade existing ones and during the installation & configuration part you get this error and cannot finish properly the installation process.


A root cause of this problem is that during installation of GroupWise on original server, the system certificates were created using a host name of the server which now does not match new server. Or you have some mismatch in the GroupWise system certificates.
Follow steps bellow to recover from such situation:

1. Stop GMS service and go into /var/lib/datasync/mobility directory -> delete from there gwadmin_ca.pem file.

2. On a GW server running your primary, stop gwadminservice.

3. Go into /opt/Novell/GroupWise/certificates. There will be a system GUID directory -> rename it into old or delete it.

4. From a terminal, generate new system directory by:

gwadminutil ca -d /<path to primary> -g -f

5. Start gwadminservice again.

6. Start gwadminconsole and connect to the primary domain -> MTA object -> SSL Settings tab, here delete and regenerate system certificates if you were using self-signed system ones before.

7. On a GMS server mount the GMS ISO image again that you were using for the installation of GMS recently and re-run the install again. That shall go over without any complains now.