Capturing Heap and Thread Dumps using the Java Visual VM tool

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  • 08-Aug-2018
  • 16-Aug-2021


Reflection ZFE 2.0 and greater.


During the troubleshooting process for Reflection ZFE you may be asked to provide a heap and thread dump to Micro Focus Support for analysis. These are the steps required to gather the heap and thread dumps.


Capturing Dump Files

  1. First, stop both the MSS and ZFE Session Server services from running.
  2. Then,  enable Enable JMX connections for "Mission Control, Visual VM" in the container.conf file located in the ./Micro Focus/Reflectionzfe/sessionserver/conf directory.
    1. Navigate to the ./Micro Focus/Reflectionzfe/sessionserver/conf and open the container.conf file in text editor of your choice
    2. Scroll down to the # Enable JMX connections for Mission Control, Visual VM section and uncomment out the 3 lines related to JMX connections by removing the # from the begging of each line and to enable each option, replace .x with the next sequential number.

                                                               i.      The find the previous sequence number scroll up to the last un-commented out line and locate the number in front of the  = sign.
For example:
(Before enabling JMX)