How to save the location of an open Productivity Pane in a Reflection Desktop Host session

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  • 25-Apr-2018
  • 26-Oct-2020


Reflection Desktop (including Pro, for X, for IBM, or for UNIX and OpenVMS) 16.0 and higher


In the EXTRA! X-treme 9.x software, the Productivity Features that had been opened and relocated in a Host session would save and maintain their last size and position when the session was closed and re-opened. 

In Reflection Desktop, the productivity panes for features like Recent Typing, Scratch Pad, and Screen History do not appear when a Host session is opened and do not get restored to their last location when a Host session is closed and re-opened.  When the feature panes are displayed after the Host session is re-opened, they always appear on the right side of the Host session (EXTRA! opens the panes on the left by default) and previous locations are not remembered.


Use a Layout to launch the Reflection Host session:

1. Open the Reflection Desktop Workspace and Host session.

2. Position the Productivity Panes at the screen locations desired.

3. From the File Menu select “Save Layout”.

4. Assign a file name to the *.rwsp file (layout file)

5. Close the Reflection Desktop Host session and Reflection Workspace.

6. Click on the *.rwsp file created above.

7. The Reflection Workspace and Host session will load with the Productivity Panes at the screen locations desired.

Additional Information

For a related problem and solution see KB 7021507.