How to reassign archives between two GroupWise accounts.

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  • 12-Jan-2018
  • 12-Jan-2018


GroupWise 2014 R2
GroupWise 18


You can run into a situation when you need to access archive of some user who already left your organization.
In the past, there was some FileID (FID) editor needed to do a trick.


In R2 version and newer, you can simply reassign archives between two accounts. The archive directory has a file name that follows a syntax of<fid>arc, where "<fid>" is FileID of a GroupWise user mailbox. You can find that 3 chars field on details of a user account from gwadmin console.
If you have, for instance, archive directory with FID like "ofABCarc", located in C:\archive directory, and you want to access this archive from account that has FID "DEF", simply rename that archive directory into "ofDEFarc".
Now a GroupWise user with the DEF FID string will just need to set archive directory path from his GroupWise client into C:\archive and he shall be able to access older archive. Note, when trying now to access this old archive location, the client will prompt you to provide older user ABC password. 
If you do not remember old user password, then you will need to do extra step before you rename archive directory to new FID.
Follow the TID7014868 to create new, dummy user with the same FID, i.e. in this example "ABC". Set a password for this account and once you login, configure path to old archive, C:\archive. Now you can access the old archive without a password. The old archive gets dummy`s mailbox password. Close Groupwise client, start it again and login to this dummy mailbox again and access the archive once more to be sure you can open / read items from there.
Next close GroupWise client and change archive directory from "ofABCarc" into "ofDEFarc". Login in a GroupWise mailbox of user with the FID "DEF", specify a path for archive, C:\archive. Either during this step you get a password prompt or when you try to open old archive. You will need to provide one-time a password of the dummy user you used to set new password for old archive.