How to create a user with a specific FID in GroupWise 2014

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  • 08-Apr-2014
  • 23-Feb-2018


Novell GroupWise 2014


How to create a user with a specific FID in GroupWise 2014
Create a user with particular FID in GroupWise 2014


  1. Type the following command and press Enter
    curl -k --user admin:password -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST --data "{\"name\": \"user1\", \"fileId\": \"abc\"}"
    • Replace the word admin with the userid used to login to Administration Console.
    • Replace password with the actual password
    • Replace with the URL of the Administration Console
    • Replace dom with the domain name
    • Replace po with the Post Office name
    • Replace user1 with the userid to be created
    • Replace abc with the FID to be assigned
  2. Login to the Administration Console and check if the user was created with the proper FID
  3. If a FID is being re-used (e.g. recreating a deleted user) then GroupWise will need to be restarted at this point
  4. A password needs to be created for the user before the User DB is created and the user can log in


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Additional Information

Running Curl on Windows
  1. Download and install curl-7.37.0-win64 or newer version from
  2. Right Click My Computer and Click Properties
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Click Environment Variables
  5. Edit the Path variable and add the path to curl.exe
  6. Save the changes and run the curl command as mentioned to create a user with a specific FID