Patch caching should fail if payload file can't be downloaded

  • 7022309
  • 10-Nov-2017
  • 04-Sep-2018


ZENworks Configuration Management 2017


Patch caching may not show as failed when the "payload" file can't download.

Patch remediation bundles are frequently consist of PLS, PLP and "Payload" install file actions.  The payload file may be exe, cab etc and is the actual vendor patch.

In environments where a firewall disallows exe files but allows other types, it's possible for the remediation bundle to be created only partially, without the exe file.

In the case that the remediation bundle install actions aren't fully populated end user will see remediate error 20.

Example of error from loader-messages.log:

[DEBUG] [09/20/2017 13:30:49.998] [3150] [ZENLoader] [6183] [] [PatchManagement] [] [com.lumension.scr.exception.UnableToAccesURL: Unable to access URL (Code 403)
at com.lumension.scr.util.Downloader.downloadFromURL(
at com.lumension.scr.util.Downloader.downloadFromURL(
at com.lumension.scr.util.Airgap.downloadFromURL(
at com.lumension.scr.pojo.Package.getAllPackageFiles(



This is fixed in version ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 3 - see KB 7023221 "ZENworks Configuration Management 2017 Update 3 update information and list of fixes" which can be found at 

The fix is to show error in ZCC if the patch fails to download properly.

To troubleshoot firewall issues, see 

After the firewall settings are fixed, recache the bad patches.