Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows 8.2 Service Pack 1 - New Features and Release Notes

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  • 13-Jul-2016
  • 02-Mar-2018


Reflection for Secure IT Windows Server version 8.2 SP1


This technical note outlines the new features and fixes available in version 8.2 SP1 of the Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows, which was released in July, 2016.


Version Identification

This release is identified as version 8.2.1079 which is displayed in the Reflection for Secure IT Server console using Help > About Reflection for Secure IT Server.

What’s New in This Release

This version includes the following updates.

Look for Micro Focus

Starting with version 8.2 SP1, program and configuration files are created in new locations that use the current company name, Micro Focus, in places that previously used Attachmate. The installer automatically migrates your existing configuration files and host keys to the new location. Your original data remains in the original location, but files in this location are no longer used. After the upgrade:

  • Migrated configuration files and host keys are in C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\RSecureServer.
  • The Windows Start menu shortcut for launching the server console is now under Micro Focus Reflection.

Note: If you have configured the server to use a non-default data folder, the server will continue to use your custom location after the upgrade.

New Feature

The following new features are included in in version 8.2 SP1 of the Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows:

  • The SFTP Directories pane has a new setting that helps resolve extremely slow SFTP directory listings when remote shares have large numbers of files or folders. The new setting-“Show owner and group in directory listings on network shares”-affects client directory listings for connections in which the physical directory is specified using a UNC path (for example \\server\path\downloads). It has no effect on listings where the physical directory uses a local path (for example c:\path\downloads). When this option is selected owner and group information is included, but client connections will take longer to display directory listings, particularly when connecting to servers with large numbers of directories and files.

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in version 8.2 SP1 of the Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows.

  • This service pack resolves an error that caused purchased and previously running installations of the server to fail to start with the message: ““Failed to start the server due to error in validating the evaluation period. Please contact Attachmate or your authorized reseller to update this product.”
  • This service pack resolves a problem with slow logon times when an LDAP home directory is unavailable. If a user profile doesn't exist yet, the terminal default directory is now set to the root directory where the Reflection for Secure IT server is installed.
  • The Reflection for Secure IT service no longer stops when RADIUS authentication is enabled and the server receives a PW_ACCESS_ACCEPT message.

Security Updates

  • Reflection for Secure IT contains the latest OpenSSL Cryptographic Module that includes OpenSSL release 1.0.2h. This address a number of security vulnerabilities
  • To address CVE-2015-4000, all DH Group1 Key Exchanges are now disabled by default.

For more information about these updates, and current information about security alerts and advisories that may affect Reflection for Secure IT, see

Resizing the Windows Console on Server 2016

When executing commands or viewing text in an SSH command window to a Reflection for Secure IT Server running on Microsoft Windows Server 2016, the characters appear to overlap or be cutoff when the cursor or text reaches the 80-character window width. This behavior is due to new default Windows Console Screen Buffer and Window Size properties. In previous Windows versions, the screen buffer is 25 (0x19) lines high and 80 (0x50) columns wide. To resize the Windows Console, follow the steps below.

  1. Run the Registry Editor by clicking the Start Menu and typing “regedit”.
  2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Console.
  3. Edit the ScreenBufferSize key and enter “00190050” as the new hexadecimal value data.
  4. Edit the WindowSize key and enter “00190050” as the new hexadecimal value data.

Obtaining the Product

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases from the Attachmate Downloads website:

You will be prompted to login and accept the Software License Agreement before you can select and download a file. For more information on using the Attachmate Downloads website, see KB 7021965.

For information about purchasing Reflection for Secure IT, please find your local sales office at or email us at

Supported Platforms

For information about Reflection for Secure IT supported platforms, see KB 7022010.

Installing or Upgrading to 8.2 SP1

For information about installing and upgrading Reflection for Secure IT Server for Windows, see the Installing and Upgrading topics in the User Guide, which is available in the product or from the documentation page,

Additional Information

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