Cannot Send/Receive Messages or Log in as User in QMS

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  • 03-Oct-2017
  • 23-Oct-2017


Secure Gateway (GWAVA) 6.5
GroupWise 2014


Message flow has stopped, both inbound and outbound. Messages can be seen going through GWAVA, and GWAVA still scans the messages successfully, but they fail to be sent, or received, unable to process fully the SMTP transaction.  At the same time, users are unable to log into the Quarantine Manager. When trying to log in, it gives the user an incorrect user name and password, even though the credentials are correct. 


Log in to a terminal prompt for GWAVA, and the GroupWise server. 
Run this command to telnet to port 25: telnet <GWIA-IPADDRESS> 25

If you get a connection refused error message, this means that port 25 is not listening, and the GWIA cannot accept any connections. Another program, or service is using port 25. To fix this you can do one of two options: 

  1. Change default port 25 to another port that is not being used. This can be done in the GroupWise administration. You may also want to change GWAVA to listen on the same port. This can be done in the Configure Domains section of GWAVA, enter in the host name or the ipaddress of the GroupWise server followed by the :port. (i.e.
  2. Disable PostFix, as this is the most likely cause for using port 25. 

To disable postfix follow these steps:

-rcpostfix stop

Then remove it entirely from starting up.

-chkconfig postfix off

Restart the GWIA to have the setting take effect. You should now be able to log into Quarantine Manager and relay messages from GWAVA to the e-mail server.

Also see:

Note: You may also need to do this on the GWAVA server as well. If GWAVA is also refusing the connection on port 25, stop postfix and turn it off. Restart gwava for the changes to take effect.


This is caused by Postfix using port 25 for SMTP traffic and not allowing the GWIA and GWAVA to be able to use it to send and receive messages.